About Hypnotherapy

Top athletes are often determined to find anything that will give them an edge in their competition, as well as help them perform optimally. Hypnosis and imagery have been utilised by many such athletes to improve their game. While some regard hypnosis as some mystical or magical form of mind control, it is actually a legitimate form of treatment which has proven to be effective in bringing about positive change, developing new habits and behaviours, and releasing unhealthy or unproductive emotions, habits and behaviours. 

Since the unconscious mind is really the driving force between most of our beliefs and behaviours, it makes sense that a technique which elicits change at the unconscious level can be highly effective. Hypnosis is such a technique. Hypnosis can help an athlete overcome issues of self-doubt which may be keeping him from moving to the next level. It can help an athlete hone his skills, fine-tune a technique, and have a level of self-belief and confidence which will enable him to excel beyond what he may have previously thought possible. Hypnosis can also help an athlete acquire the intense focus required to be at the top in his sport. Hypnosis can help an athlete overcome performance anxiety or pre-game jitters which can make the difference between winning or losing.

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