It’s not business,
it’s football


Everyone has a friend or family member that plays football that has the potential to achieve great things but for whatever reason has not quite made it.

Off course you need a certain level of ability and skill but I truly believe to become a better footballer you need to become a better athlete, the best footballers in the world may be skilful but more importantly are the best athlete. 

You could have all the skills in world but without a good physical preparation it can’t happen.

As player s agent/intermediary as well as finding clubs and negotiating contracts I have been trying to find other ways to help players so I decided to create a platform.

The platform consists on improving the physical and the mental aspect of football players.

When I talk about physical aspects I refer to all the components of fitness (strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance, body composition etc……) in order to improve those aspects we need to assess you, the mental aspect is as important as most people grow up with limitations who hinder them from achieving.

I put together a team of experienced strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, massage therapist and hypnotherapist. The aim is to equipped players with the tools who will enable them to succeed in football.

I Often hear players saying, “ the manager doesn’t like me” “there’s politics at the club” “ I’m not sitting on the bench or playing in the reserves”

But rarely hear them saying “ I didn’t train hard enough “,  “ how can I improve” “ I wasn’t in the right frame before the match”

I cannot affect all the factors in football but I teach players to look at themselves intrinsically and focus on the factors they can control (their performance).

To enhance that performance at m606 we run 1 to 1 and group sessions during the season and organise pre pre-season retreats abroad.